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We hope you find the blueprints extremely helpful in starting and growing your business. They are meant to help you develop a thorough plan for your business. Here’s how these blueprints will help you easily map out your success. You’ll learn:

  • How to plan your business to avoid costly mistakes
  • How to address the most important aspects of your business early on
  • How to determine the appropriate tools and resources needed before you begin and after you launch your business
  • How to plan and prepare for possible setbacks
  • Key points and ideas on how to approach challenges
  • How to align your business goals with your personal goals
  • Help you quickly achieve your business objectives
  • How to achieve greater success with total confidence


Open and save the blueprints and resources to your computer by clicking the links here:

A Blueprint for Creating a Successful Business
A Blueprint for Overcoming Life’s Challenges
A Blueprint for Using Mentors, Advisors and Coaches 
Online Resources for Success

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  • Business Finance Forms: A collection of business finance forms and tracking documents to help you create and track business expenses, budgets, income and more. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.


  • Creating Your Personal Brand + Worksheet: This eBook provides an in-depth outlook of how developing your personal brand can help you stand-out from your competition and become the go-to expert. You’ll learn a 9-step formula you can implement to help you build your personal brand. The included worksheet enables you to identify the core of your brand, as well as your unique service proposition.


  • The Productive Entrepreneur: If you’re looking for that sense of purpose and happiness that can come from being productive, this eBook can help you focus on the things that will get you there. Some of the things you’ll learn include key steps for eliminating distractions, and understanding the advantages of implementing systems and how they can help you achieve better outcomes.


  • Automatic Referrals: The Secrets to Generating Endless Profits: This in-depth guide provides valuable insights and advice on how to skyrocket your referral program to increase leads and profits.


  • Small Business Survival Guide: Some of the things you will gain from this guide include: tips on how to clarify your problems and be creative in solving them, how to pivot so you can continue to make revenue, what you can do to reduce expenses and how to utilize low-cost marketing, and manage cash flow.


  • How to Create a Highly Effective Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide + Business Plan Template: This guide and nine-step business plan template will help you develop the business plan needed for long-term business success.


  • How to Influence Your Market and Build Your Reputation as an Expert, eCourse + Workbook + Checklist: This ecourse, workbook and checklist give you the tools and information needed to help you apply proven strategies of industry influencers, build your presence where is has the most impact, create content that builds your influences and measure your social influence.


  • How to Become an Effective Storyteller Mini eBook: In this mini-eBook you’ll learn key reasons why storytelling works, twelve tips to help you become a better storyteller, and mistakes most people make that you should avoid.


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