Start Your Business Right

A Comprehensive Guide to Entrepreneurship Success

Second Edition

After reading this entrepreneurial guide, you’ll...

      • Gain immediate clarity on how to start a business the right way
      • Be able to create a workable blueprint for long-term success
      • Be able to identify and be better prepared for potential challenges
      • Be able to create a blueprint for overcoming unexpected entrepreneurial challenges
      • Be able to plan your business goals and objectives without making common mistakes that many entrepreneurs make
      • Expand critical thinking skills required for successfully running and managing your business
      • Spend less time fixing mistakes or solving problems and more time on making money and increasing profits
      • Be able to transform your business or product/service idea into an easily understandable blueprint for reference
      • Be able to align your business goals with the rest of your life to maintain your desired level of balance and freedom as your success grows
      • Plus, much more

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The Ultimate Guide to Help You Plan Your Business at the Most Detailed Level

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in Start Your Business Right:

      • Easy to read and understand
      • Includes an easy-to-follow blueprint for helping you achieve significant success
      • A detailed blueprint to help you overcome challenges
      • Provides a roadmap for success, which eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel
      • Immediately implementable business insights from top entrepreneurs
      • Addresses key aspects of starting and running your new or existing business
      • Addresses critical factors of every business goal
      • Plus, much more

If you want to build your business on a solid foundation,
Start Your Business Right is for you.

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Monica Davis is a brand narrative strategist and communications professional, and the founder of Exceptional People Magazine, with over 21 years of experience. She’s helped hundreds of professionals, luminaries, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders advance their corporate and entrepreneurial mission and vision through compelling and unforgettable brand stories and impactful messaging and business insights.

In Start Your Business Right, you will discover:

  • How to plan your business to avoid costly mistakes.
  • How to address the most important aspects of your business early on.
  • How to determine the appropriate tools and resources needed before you begin and after you launch your business.
  • How to plan and prepare for possible setbacks.
  • Key points and ideas on how to approach challenges.
  • How to align your business goals with your personal goals.
  • Major elements to help you quickly achieve your business objectives.
  • Worksheets to help you easily map out your success.
  • How to achieve greater success with total confidence.


Here's What Experts Are Saying

<i>— Christopher Powell</i>

“Monica’s exceptional consulting and business insights facilitated a breakthrough for me personally and professionally and has saved me over $25,000 in my business. She also helped me (1) develop my first product, (2) develop speaking materials, (3) and identify unforeseen challenges in my business and provided just the right solutions to minimize future problems.”

— Christopher Powell, President, Math Tutoring Experts
<i>— Judy Hoberman</i>

“What a perfect title to address this perfect time in your life. Monica Davis’ book “Start Your Business Right, A Comprehensive Guide to Entrepreneurship Success” is a must-have tool for every entrepreneur and anyone contemplating that decision.

In so many of the books we have available to us, we understand the “why” we do what we do. While that is important, Monica takes it one step further. She addresses the “how”...a critical piece necessary for any success. Monica’s style is both thoughtful and genuine. She gives you the tools first and follows them with the roadmap. Your journey is mapped out.

I wish I had this book at my fingertips when I started. I could have avoided many steps. No matter what level of entrepreneurship you are in, this book is something that you should have with you at all times.”

— Judy Hoberman, President, Selling In A Skirt
<i>— Michael V. Roberts, JD</i>

“Regardless of a successful business or perfecting your life, clear and open guidance is vital. Where do you find this advice and counsel? It’s found in the book “Start Your Business Rights by Monica Davis. Every day when you wake up, you are given 86,400 seconds within your 24 hours. You have a choice to use them, or you will lose them. This book offers that guidance for you to build a solid foundation which will lead to happiness and success.”

— Michael V. Roberts, JD, Chairman and CEO, The Roberts Companies, Author, "Action Has No Season"
<i>— Linda Clemons</i>

“If it is your desire or dream to obtain financial freedom as an entrepreneur, then read this book first. The strategies and tools will educate and empower you on how to play the game and play it successfully.”

— Linda Clemons, Global Speaker and Expert, Sales and Nonverbal Communications
<i>— Greg Williams, CSP</i>

“In ‘Start Your Business Right,’ Monica Davis has written an extraordinary book that lays out a comprehensive blueprint for success in business and life. If you’re thinking of starting or already have a business, someone seeking more success in life, or you’re someone that supports a success-driven person; this is a book you’ll want to have in your arsenal of resources because I’m sure you’ll refer to it often. Thus, I highly recommend ‘Start Your Business Right’ for anyone who desires to create a solid foundation for their business, good business practices, and for those seeking greater success.”

— Greg Williams, CSP, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert
<i>— William R. Patterson</i>

“Get Start Your Business Right and accelerate your income with critical insights, tools, and resources it takes most entrepreneurs years and thousands of dollars to discover. With this powerful success blueprint, you can begin creating the business and life you desire now.”

— William R. Patterson, CEO, The Baron Solution Group (Top 100 MBE)
— <i>Jo Condrill</i>

Start Your Business Right takes us from thinking to doing to measuring achievements with the most comprehensive writing I have ever seen on the topic. It truly is a blueprint. Monica Davis presents a clear, detailed, inspiring guidebook that anyone can pick up at any point in their lives and elevate their results by following her advice. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants more out of life.”

Jo Condrill, Bestselling author of 101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly
<i>— Dean G. Campbell</i>

“Monica Davis has written a phenomenal book on business goals and ways to achieve them! I find this writing incredibly valuable and thorough! It’s not just for those who have business goals but also for people who need to establish goals for themselves. It is all-encompassing and is a must-read for all! It is a great organizer and guide to promoting a successful business and life!”

— Dean G. Campbell, President, Campbell Retirement Planning Centers
<i>— CJ Scarlet</i>

Start Your Business Right is an essential primer for any entrepreneur and business owner. Using probing questions that logically lead business owners to think more deeply about their business and personal missions and visions, Ms. Davis’ book helps them chart a workable course for lasting success in both work and life.”

— CJ Scarlet, CEO, 10 for Humanity
<i>— Faye Hill</i>

“Ever wondered what it would be like to read a relevant guide that can take you through each step of starting your business the right way? Monica Davis has brilliantly written that guide.

Not only has Monica provided a step-by-step process for your startup journey, but she has also utilized incredible insights from exceptional people that she has interviewed. Combining the powerhouse icons’ wealth of experience about various topics incorporates another level of expertise. A bonus resource that will help you achieve tremendous success and reach your potential.

If you want to start your business the right way or turn an existing business around in the right direction, I would highly recommend reading this instructional guide provided by Monica Davis. Thank you, Monica, for this incredible resource! Endurance…Bravo!”

— Faye Hill, CEO, The Hill Agency International LLC

“If I had a son or daughter who wanted to build a business for themselves, this is a book I’d get into their hands! Monica shares ideas that address something we see in many individuals starting on their business journey, and that is the belief that everything needs to be done by you!

The truth is, countless people have gone before you and asked the right questions, documented processes, and built relationships with those who care about you and your success. That’s the way to Start Your Business Right.”

— Kristen Hartnagel, Personal Brand Strategist

Start Your Business Right is here at the RIGHT time in the world of business. Author and business expert Monica Davis has provided a powerful process to “design” your business to support the life you want! I like her concept of building a solid foundation first, then adding, enhancing, and adapting as you grow. In these turbulent, uncertain times, we are all seeking some level of predictability and trust to succeed in an ever-changing world. Monica gives you the path to not only create more certainty, but she provides you with the materials to create a blueprint you understand, can visualize, and can build to suit your own pace and needs. You can build your future if you follow these steps, answer the questions, and implement the plan. Start Your Business Right is a must-read for those wanting to build their new business and live a new life.”

— Don Taylor, Col, USAF (ret), Adjunct Professor

“As a Master Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, & Speaker with more than 20 years of experience, I’ve seen my fair share of business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. The #1 issue is not knowing how to start properly. Well, Monica Davis has offered the aspiring entrepreneur the tools necessary to Start Your Business Right!

— Collette Portis, M.Ed., COO & Master Business Coach at RED Development Group



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