We help turn your business customers into raving fans by providing premium published entrepreneurship content that helps their businesses grow.

How do you turn clients into raving fans?

Help their businesses grow with proven success strategies.

When you can give your customers something that truly helps their business thrive, they become lifelong ambassadors for your brand.

Successful marketing professionals and business owners consistently practice this fundamental business tenet. That’s why they’re always looking for better ways to deliver total satisfaction to their clients.

When these businesses solve their clients’ problems or alleviate their clients’ pain points, their own brand loyalty rises high above the competition – and their bottom lines prove it.

The Perfect “Win-win” Client Gift or Promotional Premium

Welcome To The Top and Start Your Business Right make it easy for you to help others reach their goals. Both of these books are packed with crucial boots-on-the-ground business knowledge and practical strategies for driving personal and professional growth.

Give either of these highly-rated books to your business customers, association members, or students. Then sit back and watch as you and your brand become remembered, talked about, and admired.

Sharing Knowledge = Power

Whether you serve entrepreneurs, business owners, business students, or you are a member of a business association or entrepreneurial non-profit organization, these two acclaimed books offer a powerful opportunity to supercharge your brand. 

Promote Your Brand Cost Effectively

These premium-quality business books give you an easy, cost-effective way to promote your brand. Use them in any number of ways including:

  • Generate quality leads for your business by offering Welcome To The Top as a premium lead magnet.
  • Give a copy of Start Your Business Right to your clients and watch as your brand loyalty soars.
  • Give your business students an additional resource they can reference for achieving success.
  • Offer either book, or both, as an association membership bonus or signup incentive

Multiple Benefits For Your Organization

Author Monica Davis has helped hundreds of professionals, luminaries, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders advance their corporate and entrepreneurial missions. Use Davis’ books to leverage this expertise and:

  • Boost your brand’s visibility in an efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Extend your brand’s value across the customer journey and let it play a more significant role in your customer’s or member’s success.
  • Achieve your marketing objectives while strengthening your existing relationships.
  • Offer added value to increase customer retention.

Reap the Benefits of Doing Good

Provide your clients with knowledge critical for their success. When they succeed, they’ll sing your praises and spread the word about your brand.


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