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Monica Davis has been in the business of influencing people to change their
lives and helping them to develop their professional and business objectives
for over 20 years. She is a bestselling business author, speaker, trainer,
media coach, journalist, award-winning television host and producer, and the
publisher of Exceptional People Magazine.


Welcome to the Top provides you with the confidence and tools to achieve business success. The lessons and insights you will gain can provide a significant advantage by allowing you to accomplish goals and create a successful business faster. Welcome to the Top serves as a mentor to help you take your business to the next level.

Learn from the best — You will learn from some of the world’s most trusted business mentors, advisors and leaders who have developed powerful business processes and methods for thousands of successful entrepreneurs and small business owners around the globe. Through riveting personal stories and experiences you’ll learn the principles, philosophies and motivating factors behind their success.

Here Are Some of the World's Top Experts That Will Be Sharing Their Secrets to Success With You

Thousands of executives, entrepreneurs and
professionals have experienced breakthroughs,
thanks to the mentors in this book.
Now you can benefit too.

Award-winning sales expert Judy Hoberman shares key strategies to dominate the female market.

Judy Hoberman is a national sales and gender expert. She was personally selected by the CEO of a large insurance company to provide sales training to over 3,000 agents in 100 offices in 44 states. Judy is featured as “The Gender Expert” on Fox News Radio. She is also author of Selling In A Skirt, The Secrets Women Don’t Know They Know About Sales….And What Men Should Know Too.

George Fraser, one of the world’s foremost networking experts, shares key elements to building valued business relationships and principles to change your life.

Over the last 25 years, George has helped over 5,000 people to find just the right job and over $500 million in new business.

Top business consultant Rebel Brown shares secrets to quickly gain a larger market share.

Rebel Brown has been named one of the “Top 100 Women in Computing.” For over 25 years, she has inspired, coached and empowered individuals and over 250 global organizations to ultimate performance and profitable market advantage. She has been featured in numerous publications including ForbesEntrepreneur, and Business Week. She also ran a consulting practice in Paris for two years, bringing European firms to the United States for expanded opportunity.

Leading online office supply icon Tony Ellison shares key points on differentiating your business from your biggest competitors and increasing market share.

Ellison’s company,, is the number one virtual office supply e-tailer with over 2.8 million customers and over 400,000 products.

Human resource expert and consultant Cori Maedel shares key elements in selecting the right people to help you meet your business goals.

With over 25 years of experience in the human resources and business development arenas, Cori Maedel is armed with the knowledge needed to help small businesses and corporations overcome obstacles in dealing with issues relating to employment. Cori and her team have worked with over 100 companies across many industries including aviation, construction, gaming, manufacturing, not-for-profit and hospitality. She has helped business owners create and implement HR practices that solve organizational challenges, bring out the best in their people and create measurable results. Cori is also a contributor to key business publications including The Globe & Mail, Business In Vancouver, HR Reporter, and CIO Magazine.

Expert negotiator Greg Williams shares secrets on how to perfect your negotiating skills to get what you want.

Greg Williams was named “Businessman of the Year” by the United States Congress. He is a master negotiator and author of the best-selling book, Negotiate: Afraid, ‘Know’ More. As a top consultant to Fortune 500 corporations, Greg’s clients include Dun & Bradstreet, Bank of America, Home Depot, the Xerox Corporation, and many others.

Performance training expert Tom Ziglar shares powerful insights about business, personal, and professional success.

The Zig Ziglar empire lives on and his son Tom Ziglar is at the helm. Tom is boldly taking Ziglar, Inc. into the world of social communities, blogs, and live video webcasts to present the tried and true message of hope, integrity and positive thinking to a whole new audience. He keeps Ziglar, Inc. ahead of the times with his innovative leadership.

Attitude and achievement expert Dr. Willie Jolley shares his story of how he turned a major setback into an amazing comeback and created a remarkable success story for others to learn from.

Dr. Willie Jolley is a world-class, award-winning speaker and singer, best-selling author and media personality. He was named one of the “Top 5 Speakers in the World” by Toastmasters International. Ford Motors called on Dr. Jolley to help transform their workforce in 2006 when they were on the brink of bankruptcy. He worked with them for three consecutive years; helped position them to reject a Government bailout and they’ve gone on to generate billion dollar profits.

Wealth and business coach William R. Patterson shares key elements to achieving wealth and business success.

William R. Patterson is CEO of The Baron Solution Group, a
Top 100 MBE. He is a four-time award-winning lecturer and international best-selling author. He has shared the stage with billionaires, presidents, and Fortune 100 CEOs. William is an internationally renowned business coach and wealth coach who has created over 150 products and has been a featured guest on over 500 television and radio programs. He delivers solutions to millions worldwide — from individual investors and small business owners to corporate boards and CEOs. William’s breakthrough book, The Baron Son has been translated around the world and featured in the Forbes Book Club. He is winner of over twelve Web awards for excellence including: Best Wealth-Building Site; Best Business Advice & Development Site; Best Author; and Best Speaker and Lecturer. His wins are the result of 650,000 votes cast from over 130 countries.

Celebrity fragrance designer Geir Ness shares his experience
of developing a new product and the creative strategy he used to get it onto the market. Use his creative idea as an example to think of ways to open new doors for your business.

Imagine starting a business in a country in which you’re not a citizen and have not mastered the language – starting a business in an industry you know nothing about – a place where you have no family, money or any contacts to help get you started at all. That’s the story of Norwegian-born Geir Ness. Starting with just a dream and $1,000, Geir went on to become a top celebrity fragrance designer and creator of Norway’s first international fragrance. Geir’s Laila Perfume is now one of the best selling specialty fragrances at Nordstrom’s nationwide, Disney’s Epcot center in Orlando, specialty boutiques in the US and Scandinavia, and high end cruise lines. Geir’s Laila Perfume has also been chosen to be the special fragrance for the Grammy Awards. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Geir has also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

Get proven and time-tested advice needed to succeed.

Discover powerful strategies and systems and endless possibilities you can utilize to rapidly grow your business in today’s fast-paced and competitive economy.Benefit instantly—Gain powerful insights to help you achieve growth quickly and save your most precious resources—time and money.



In Start Your Business Right, Monica Davis lays out a comprehensive blueprint to help you to properly start and grow your business while also creating the life you desire.This helpful guidebook and its planning resources will assist you in making smarter decisions at the most detailed levels, before and while you are creating your business. It will walk you through the details of developing your vision and a creating a solid plan for how to be successful in business. Additionally, you will learn how to align your business goals with the rest of your life to maintain your desired level of balance and freedom as your success grows.

In Start Your Business Right, you will discover:

  • How to plan your business to avoid costly mistakes.
  • How to address the most important aspects of your business early on.
  • How to determine the appropriate tools and resources needed before you begin and after you launch your business.
  • How to plan and prepare for possible setbacks.
  • Key points and ideas on how to approach challenges.
  • How to align your business goals with your personal goals.
  • Major elements to help you quickly achieve your business objectives.
  • Worksheets to help you easily map out your success.
  • How to achieve greater success with total confidence.

You will also receive the following resources:

  1. Success Blueprints:
    A Blueprint for Creating a Successful Business
    A Blueprint for Overcoming Life’s Challenges
    A Blueprint for Using Mentors, Advisors and Coaches

These blueprints are designed to be used with the information provided in the book. Use them to help create a solid blueprint for your business. After completing them you will gain a greater understanding of your business by having a well-thought-out process that you can execute. You’ll be better prepared by answering the right questions; you’ll thoroughly understand your vision for the business, what you need to proceed and how to deal with challenges as they arise. You’ll be able to create a plan that will help you avoid costly mistakes, and also save time and money.

2. Online Resources for Success

These online resources include links to marketing platforms, email autoresponders and list building resources, shopping carts, website hosting , affiliate programs, financing resources and other resources to help you successfully build your business.

3. Financial Tip Sheets

This resource provides points to consider before applying for a loan or a line of credit, and credit score tips, courtesy of The Baron Solution Group.

4. Time Management Guide ($19 Value)

This guide provides great tips on:

  • How to plan and organized your agendas;
  • Things you can do when the “unexpected” happens;
  • How to eliminate distractions;
  • How to determine when you do your
    best work;
  • Ways to boost your brain power so that you get maximum results from your efforts;
  • How to track your efforts to determine if you’re getting the best results;
  • Increase productivity through outsourcing.

5. Business Finance Forms ($75 Value)

A collection of business finance forms and documents to help you create and track business expenses, budgets, income and more. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Checklists and Forms

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Basic Business Checklist
  • Charitable Donations
  • Expense Checklist
  • Expense Budget
  • Income Snapshot
  • Month-to-Month Trending
  • Contractor Information Form
  • Partnership Checklist
  • Travel Expense

Quick Reference Guides on
How to Manage Your Money

  • Emergency Savings Fund Plan
  • Monthly Budget Plan
  • Monthly Income Plan
  • Quarterly Tax Plan

6. Business Planning Guide ($27 Value)

This 31-page guide will give you the information and strategies needed to help you quickly establish a framework your business. You’ll learn the most important information needed to create a formal business plan, proven promotion and marketing tips, how to effectively coordinate your products and services, how to execute promotional campaigns and strategies, a key tool for measuring the success of your promotions and much more.

7. Pricing Strategies for Maximum Profits ($17 Value)
Workbook and Checklist

From this workbook you’ll gain insights into pricing models and practices and learn how to determine what your time is worth. You’ll also know what key elements to consider when pricing your products and services and when to raise your prices.

8. Setting Up Your Email Lists and Autoresponders ($17 Value)
Workbook and Checklist

This workbook is a quick step by step guide with examples on how to set up your mailing list. You’ll also learn what items or products can be used for great incentives, how to choose a good autoresponder service and create a series of emails, and how to create an irresistible landing page that entices web visitors to sign up for your offer. You will also gain tips on how to maintain momentum and maximize your assets for the long term.



BONUS #1 — William R. Patterson ($497 Value)

Build Your Million Dollar Business with “The Baron” (Audio Series)

Enjoy Seven Business and Wealth-Building Gifts Compliments of
#1 Wealth Coach and International Best-selling Author William R. Patterson

  1. Creating Seven Figure Profits in Any Economic Environment (Audio)
  2. How to Build Your Million Dollar Network (Audio)
  3. Multiply Your Income with Business Coaching (Audio)
  4. Build Your Million-Dollar Business (Audio)
  5. Maximum Profit Internet Business Strategies (Audio)
  6. Quickly Turn Your Product Line Into a Fortune (Audio)
  7. Chapter Download of William R. Patterson’s International Best-Selling
    Business and Personal Finance Book, The Baron Son

William R. Patterson is CEO of The Baron Solution Group, a Top 100 MBE. William is a four-time award-winning lecturer and international best-selling author. He has shared the stage with billionaires, presidents, and Fortune 100 CEOs. William is an internationally recognized business coach and wealth coach who has created over 150 products and has been a featured guest on over 500 television and radio programs. He delivers solutions to millions worldwide — from individual investors and small business owners to corporate boards and CEOs. William’s breakthrough book, The Baron Son has been translated around the world and featured in the Forbes Book Club. He is also winner of over twelve Web awards for excellence including: Best Wealth-Building Site; Best Business Advice & Development Site; Best Author; and Best Speaker and Lecturer. His wins are the result of 650,000 votes cast from over 130 countries.

BONUS #2 — Alexandra Watson ($97 Value)

“The 7 Must-Haves for Unblocking Your Happiness AND Success…
Right Now, at Any Stage in Your Life, for Any Issue” (Audio Series)

Alexandra Watson is a leading happiness expert, success mentor and best selling author of ‘The Happiness System for Women’ now in its second edition. With a pioneering approach for women who want to succeed in life and business, Alexandra is highly regarded by her peers both in the UK and the US. Noted as a must-see speaker, inspirational and dynamic Alexandra has been known to transform lives instantly.

Over the years she has been the go-to person for celebrities and women entrepreneurs on happiness and success issues from confidence and performance challenges to business growth and empowerment. Her sought after coaching programs have been making a difference for women in business for many years and this year saw the launch of Alexandra’s exceptional creation ‘The Diamond Business Movement’. Clearly at the top of her game with over 15 years coaching and mentoring expertise Alexandra has been featured in all the top national print media. She was also invited on Britain’s top TV show The X Factor by the executive producers to coach singing sensation Leona Lewis.

BONUS #3 — Annemarie Cross ($247 Value)

Get More Clients: 7 Steps to Get Noticed, Hired and
PAID What You’re Worth INSTANTLY!
(Audio Series with Transcripts and Workbook)

Annemarie Cross is a Brand Strategist & Business Coach helping women entrepreneurs tap into their unique and authentic brilliance (their brand) so they can create a buzz, gain expert status, and finally attract a constant stream of ideal and high paying clients in their business.

She is also a Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach and supports clients in breaking through unhelpful money beliefs so they can reduce their debt, charge what they’re worth and get it so they can finally create the level of income they desire.

Annemarie shares simple yet highly effective ways women entrepreneurs can boost their income by transforming their one-to-one services into lucrative information products and programs so that they can create more money, time and freedom into their lives and businesses. Widely considered a personal change agent and success catalyst, Annemarie has distinguished herself as being people-focused, caring, inspirational and life-changing in her approach.

Annemarie also holds additional qualifications in Human Resources including multiple International Awards in recognition for her achievements and successes with the Career and Resume Writing industry.

BONUS #4 — Walethia Aquil ($147 Value)

How to Network Effectively: The Key to Power, Influence and Wealth
Your Etiquette Guide to Strategic and Profitable Networking (eBook)

Walethia Aquil is Founder and Director of Grace and Charm and the creator of the Grace and Charm Success System. She is one of the country’s most knowledgeable and recognized experts in the fields of etiquette and image coaching.

For over 25 years, she has coached business leaders and teams, politicians, entertainers, beauty pageant winners, and society’s elite. She has helped thousands to boost their confidence, improve their bottom lines, business and personal relationships via television, radio, seminars, and personal coaching.

Walethia hosts the Success With Grace and Charm radio show and has been a guest on over 100 other television and radio programs. She has received numerous awards including the “Total Image Award” for her outstanding work in the image consulting profession.

Walethia has authored the highly anticipated book, Women Who Win: Business Etiquette
Tactics that Lead to Success in Life and Business. She has been featured in Women in Business magazine and publications from the American Business Women’s Association and Professional Business Women’s Network and numerous other publications.

Walethia’s Grace and Charm Success System includes over 30 unique training programs for improving organizational and personal behavior, business and social graces, and effective team building. Her clients include the Small Business Administration, Michigan Department of Transportation, YWCA, and numerous other leading business, government, and faith-based organizations.



BONUS #5 — Boost Your Visibility and Profitability with
YouTube ($17 Value)

YouTube ranks only behind Google as the most accessed search engine in the world. And it’s definitely still the most popular video platform, with an estimated 1,000,000,000 views monthly. This workbook provides insights on how YouTube can provide added value to your subscribers. Learn how YouTube works and learn step by step how to optimize your videos, analyze your competition and develop a video marketing strategy.

BONUS #6 — Key Strategies for Increasing Targeted
Website Traffic ($27 Value)

Getting targeted traffic to your website requires more than just one approach or strategy. You must know how to correctly identify your target market and create the best plan to consistently attract them. This ebook explains the most important elements needed to create a website that will attract your ideal customer, steps you can take to optimize your website, and external elements you can use to pull lots of relevant traffic to your site.

BONUS #7 — How to Automate Your Business:
10 Steps to Developing a Great Virtual Team ($21 Value)

Workbook and Checklist

To build a profitable as a business, you must have a team of people that can help you implement specific functions of your business. Doing everything yourself will quickly become counter-productive. This workbook is a step by step guide to help you plan and set up a virtual team and learn various ways you can effectively communicate with them, create trust and streamline and automate your business.

BONUS #8 — One Year Free Subscription to
Exceptional People Magazine ($80 Value)

(1 Free Year, Plus Access to Two Years of Previous Issues)

Exceptional People Magazine includes:

  • Priceless insights from some of the world’s top experts, millionaires, celebrities, CEO’s and entrepreneurs and other extraordinary individuals who share their secrets, personal thoughts and accelerated strategies for success.
  • Access to highly regarded financial advisors, marketing specialists, business coaches, life-changing professional therapists and others—all experts in their fields.
  • Access to two years of back issues immediately. It’s just like getting four years for the price of a one-year subscription! — An offer you won’t get anywhere else.



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