Why You Should Do Your Own Publicity


Early on in business when significant growth is beginning to occur, business owners may find it impossible to carry out marketing activities themselves.

However, until then, every small business owner should manage their own publicity.

When you’re building your image, it is essential that you are the one booking interviews, making connections, and making things happen because in the beginning, every detail matters in developing what will be your public “image”.

You don’t want to hand off that essential process to someone else in the very beginning.

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Monica Davis

Monica Davis

Monica Davis is an entrepreneur, award-winning brand narrative strategist and media consultant who helps high profile individuals, CEOs, and entrepreneurs develop effective messages and stories, and reach larger markets. She is also the publisher of Exceptional People Magazine, a professional and business development publication. Her work has been featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, USA Today, WorldNews, YahooFinance, CNBC, and more.

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